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Electric Needle Scaler EJC-32A, NITTO KOHKI

Operated with standard electric supply to households. Special long and slim barrel design suitable for narrow corners. Double-insulated motor does not need grounding. Free subhandle position best for to your working situation. Specifications Stroke Speed (rpm): 3.000 min-1 Needles to

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Hydraulic Punching Machine – Setup

Ingenuous setup for NITTO KOHKI Portable Hydraulic Puncher

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Punching 25mm dia hole in 16mm thick plate. NITTO Hydraulic Puncher

Portable Hydraulic Puncher

The Puncher HA11-1624 with Pump SC-05 can be used to punch a hole of upto 25mm in diameter in a plate of thickness upto 16mm.  It does the job in a very fast, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Here is a

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NITTO KOHKI Circuit Beveler CB-02

NITTO KOHKI Circuit Beveler CB-02 – live in action at Client’s site. Uniquely designed to chamfer circular, elliptical and straight line profiles. Chamfers exterior and/or interior edges. Depth gauge provided to accurately set chamfer width.   For more details contact

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