Hydraulic Puncher Portable – Steel

Portable Hydraulic Puncher

Steel Hole Puncher

Portable Hydraulic Puncher is used is to quickly make a hole – round as well as elongated – through steel. It can be used on both Mild Steel as well as Stainless Steel.
The punching action is quick and it does not take more than 12 seconds to make a single Punch.
A Hydraulic Pump HPD-05 comes along with this Puncher.
Check out the video by clicking on the link below :-

Technical Specification

Max. Throat Depth (mm)
Punching Capacity
For Mild Steel
For Stainless Steel
Max. Punching Thickness (mm)
Max. Punching Diameter (mm)
Hole Making Time
Punching Time 11.8 Sec.
Returning Time 5.7 sec.
Allowable Max. Pressure Mpa (kg/cm2)
68.65 (700)
Max. Output kN(tf)
464 (47)
Ram Stroke (mm)
Mass (Weight/kg)

For more information please free to contact us at mahendra@mahendratools.com or sales@mahendratools.com

8 comments on “Hydraulic Puncher Portable – Steel
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  2. ASMA STEELS says:

    What is the price of this hydraulic punching machine

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