ARA-100A 100mm dia drilling

NITTO KOHKI ARA100A is a modern Magnetic Drilling machine. It is a heavy duty machine with a stroke length of 300mm and can drill upto 100mm dia

Here is a video demo for the same :-


The main features of the ARA100A are as follows:-

1. Total weight just 30 kg

2. Actual electric consumption during drilling is saved by 27% compared to the current Atra Ace model A-100.

3. Two speed motor switchable to suit the type and size of cutter.

4. The motor can be adjusted more finely with a volume control.

5. Accepts twist drills up to 32 mm dia., Jetbroach (side lock) up to 100 mm dia.

6. Equipped with Load detection, Automatic stop, Motion detection, Slow start function.

You can download the entire technical specifications by clicking here


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