The quick connect couplings “CUPLA” will quickly and securely connect/disconnect various fluid lines such as air, water, oil and chemicals.

Used across the world from factories for automobiles, electric appliances, semiconductor and food to resource development sites and transportation equipment such as fuel cell vehicles.
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A few of NITTO Coupler types :-

Hi Cupla

An excellent general purpose coupling for connecting factory air supply to pneumatic tools. Built-in automatic shut-off valve in socket, available in various body materials, sizes and end configurations.

Full Blow Cupla - NITTO KOHKI India. Mahendra Tools

Full Blow Cupla

A coupling that is easy to connect and disconnect, providing low pressure loss and high flow rate. Eliminates unpleasant sound and hose whip motion at disconnection and improves work environment.

Multi Cupla - NITTO KOHKI India

Multi Cupla

A simultaneous connection of multiple lines is enabled by a single operation, providing a greatly reduced piping exchange time.

Download the catalog for Hi Cupla.

Download this guide for selecting appropriate Cupla for the job.

Download this guide to know about all the NITTO Couplers at a glance.

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