NITTO KOHKI Puncher HA11-1624 client installation

Mahendra Tools and Machines is proud to have installed NITTO KOHKI Portable Hydraulic Puncher HA11-1624 at yet another client’s site.

Contact us on for more information and procurement.

NITTO Portable Hydraulic Puncher can easily punch upto 16mm thickness in Mild Steel and upto 25mm diameter. The punching is done in less than 10 seconds. This leads to enormous gains in productivity and cost-savings.

Generally hole making in Steel is done using a drilling machine, preferably Magnetic. That takes a lot of time to drill a single hole. This reduces the productivity enormously. They are also prone to frequent breakdowns.

A NITTO KOHKI Hydraulic Puncher does the same job quickly, efficiently and without any breakdowns.

Here is the playlist for all the Hydraulic Puncher Demo videos.

For more details kind check out the NITTO Hydraulic Puncher page.

Contact us on for more information and procurement.

Mahendra Tools and Machines (I) Pvt. Ltd. are authorised distributors for NITTO KOHKI Japan, for the past 22 years in India. NITTO products are known for its performance and durability and we hope that it will do wonders for you as well. A few of our products are on display here. For more information please visit our website or contact +91 9930780585. Email:

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