Pneumatic Chipping Hammer -NITTO KOHKI India

NITTO KOHKI Pneumatic Chipping Hammer is the ideal tool to remove welding splatter quickly and efficiently.

The AIR CHIPPER are compact, lightweight and economical tools to have on hand for all kinds of chipping work. Easy chisel replacement is made to excellent operation. The straight design is suitable for operation at narrow and deep places.

NITTO KOHKI Pneumatic Chipper CH-24 and ACH-16. Mahendra Tools and Machines


  • Ideal tool for quickly and efficiently removing weld splatter, rust and other debris from most surfaces
  • Compact, heavy-duty construction for tough industrial
  • Easy one-touch chisel installation and removal – NO tools required
NITTO KOHKI Air Chipper CH-24 / ACH-16

Technical Specification :-

ModelACH-16 CH-24
Rated Air Pressure Mpa (kgf/cm2)0.6 (6)0.6 (6)
Air Consumption (No load )M3/min0.15 0.2
Stroke Speed (min-1)60004000
Size of Chisel Shank (mm)10.5 Round12.7 Square
Hose Size (inch)3/83/8
Mass (Weight) kgs0.91.7


Optional Chisels for NITTO KOHKI Pneumatic Chipper, CH-24 and ACH-16

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Why Use a Mag Drill?

Magnetic Drilling Machine NITTO KOHKI Auto-Feed

What is a Mag Drill?

A magnetic drill, mag drill for short, is a drill used to cut metal. Magnetic drills are made up from 4 key components: a magnetic base, a drill stand, a motor, and an arbor or chuck.

The convenience of a magnetic drill can’t be overstated.

Like the benchtop drill press or standing drill press, you need a magnetic drill press in hard to access locations, like I-beams, truck beds, vertical metal parts that are stationary and so forth. The magnetic base adheres to the metal surface and stabilizes the drill in order to cut the material. You won’t be able to achieve the same results with a non-magnetic drill press – don’t even try.

Why use a Magnetic Drill Press?

  • By using a magnetic drill, you’ll gain the precision and speed for drilling in tough materials when you need to drill with accuracy and consistency.
  • Magnetic drills have strong electromagnetic base enabling it to adhere to a carbon steel (ferrous metal) surface while turned on.
  • Magnetic drills can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically or overhead which is especially useful in construction.
  • Be sure to secure your mag drill to the surface being drilled into, especially when overhead, to avoid drops from heights or onto your head.

The Origins of the Magnetic Drill Press

“Magnetic drills were initially designed for construction companies to drill a large quantity of holes in structural steel already in place, such as i-beams. They offer increased stability and are easier to use than a hand held drill and also provide better accuracy and cut large diameter holes faster. They do the job much faster than the traditional Twist Drill cutting Machine.

NITTO KOHKI Japan has been the pioneer of Magnetic Drilling Machines.

NITTO KOHKI Magnetic Drilling Machine. Mahendra Tools

How to use a Magnetic Drill Press

  • The material base to be used must be ferrous metal for the electromagnet to work
  • The steel has to be flat and reasonably clean or the magnet won’t hold onto the surface.
  • Make sure the bottom of the drill is also free from debris.
  • Use a SAFETY chain to secure the drill press because once the power goes out, the tool will let loose of the steel and drop if overhead.

Here is a video which shows the Auto-Feed WA-5000 machine in operation :-

What are the types are of Magnetic Drill Machines?

There are basically two types of Drill Machines – Manual Feed and Auto-Feed. The difference between the two is explained in more in this blog – Auto-Feed vs Manual Feed.

Further Details :-

Please feel free to contact us for any further information needed. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Automatic vs Manual Portable Magnetic Drilling Machine – NITTO KOHKI

Magnetic Drilling Machine NITTO KOHKI Auto-Feed

Why Auto-Feed and Auto-Control machines are much better than Manual Drilling machines.

First let us have a look at the video here :-

1. AUTO FEED – NITTO make drilling machines Being AUTO FEED there is uniform pressure applied on the Broach Cutter during the operation which results in more life of broach cutters(MAXIMUM no. of holes). Because of uniform pressure the broach cutter does not over heat, which keep the teeth of the cutter safe from becoming blunt or get broken.
MANUAL – On the other hand when the Operator operates the machine manually (Manual Feed), non-uniform pressure is applied on the broach cutters, sometimes less pressure is applied and sometimes more because of this the cutter(of any Brand) gets heated and gets blunt more easily which results in lower life of Cutters.

Magnetic Drilling Machine NITTO KOHKI Auto-Feed

2. AUTO FEED – There is load sensor in NITTO make Auto Feed Auto Control Machine,
because of this the machine will never take excess load, whenever there is excess load the machine will trip the motor. This reduces the chances of the cutters getting damaged to a great extent.
MANUAL – While in manual machine there are no such sensors and when non uniform manual pressure is applied, the cutters get damaged very easily, resulting in higher operation cost.

Check out the video for Auto-Feed WA-5000 machine here :-

3.AUTO FEED – There is load sensor in NITTO make Auto Feed Auto Control Machine,
because of this in case of excess load the motor trips, this reduces the maintenance and protects the electrical components. This leads to very low breakdown and high productivity.
MANUAL – There is no such safety feature in these machines, and this results in higher maintenance and higher breakdowns. Thus decreasing the productivity and affecting smooth and continues production.

4.In NITTO make machines the cutting oil comes centrally from the arbor and automatically stops after the operation, thus no cutting oil is wasted.

5.SAFETY Features in NITTO machines:
If there is power failure, the machine stops operating and when the power comes back, it does not start automatically, thus avoiding injuries and hazards.

6. NITTO drilling machine can easily be used in a horizontal position to drilling holes in vertical beams.

These features are absent in other lower quality manual feed machines
The main cost of drilling is not that of the machine but of the broach cutters which needs to be procured regularly and this is where NITTO saves you a lot of money. Being an Automatic machine, NITTO- Japan make drill machine has load sensors which regulates the speed of drilling and the feed based on the load. In the case that the load increases too much then the machine trips off. This ensures that there is always uniform load on the cutter. So for a big company/project which has hundreds of holes to drill everyday, it makes a lot more sense to buy a better quality ( Japan make) automatic machine than purchasing an inferior quality product with regular breakdowns and high operational cost.


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Weld Flux remover | NITTO KOHKI Chipping Hammer CH-24

NITTO KOHKI Japan make Pneumatic Chipper CH-24 is the perfect tool to remove welding splatter quickly and easily.

Here we have a client using the chipper CH-24 to effortlessly remove the welding splatter. It does the job quickly as well as saves a lot of manual labour.



  • Ideal tool for quickly and efficiently removing weld splatter, rust and other debris from most surfaces
  • Compact, heavy-duty construction for tough industrial
  • Easy one-touch chisel installation and removal – NO tools required


More details on the Pneumatic Chipper CH-24 can be found here:-


Feel free to contact on for more details and procurement of this product.

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Best Portable Hydraulic Puncher | HS11-1624 | NITTO KOHKI

Nitto Kohki make Portable Hydraulic Puncher HS11-1624 makes a hole in mild steel in less than 10 seconds. It is the most productive and efficient method of Steel Fabrication.

The cost per hole is less than Rs. 0.5.

Here we have a client using the NITTO Puncher to make 22mm diameter holes in a 12mm thick plate.  The Puncher punches a hole smoothly. The puncher can be fixed on a table or it can be made portable as it is light in weight and works on single phase power supply.


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Plate Beveler Portable HB-15B | NITTO KOHKI

NITTO KOHKI Beveler HB-15B live in action at one of our client’s site.


  • Ideal for plate, pipe, and tube beveling for welding preparation
  • Bevels angles 15° to 45°
  • Bevels depth up to 15 mm at 45° angle using multiple passes
  • Bevels approximately 3’ to 4’ per minute
  • High speed cutting action minimizes material hardening


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NITTO KOHKI Pneumatic Belt Sander Belton CL Type

Ideal for sanding and grinding in narrow spaces, recessed areas and on curved surfaces.

Belt size 10 mm: B-10CL

Belt size 20 mm: B-20CL, B-20CL-A(the Idle Pulley is supported on both side)

Belt size 30 mm: B-30CL

Belton CL-type NITTO KOHKI

Video demo :-

Download the technical specs by clicking here :-

~ Features of the new Belton CL Type ~

For B-10CL / B-20CL / B-30CL

・Improved durability of motor due to advanced material motor vanes

・No need to replace the whole housing for repair due to replaceable bush at valve stem

For B-10CL / B-20CL

・Stronger Body and Guard due to improvement of material and structure

・Long life Tension Bar due to improvement of structure For B-20CL / B-30CL

・Ready for using Anti-vibration Handle

More NITTO KOHKI product videos can be found by clicking here

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Electric Circuit Beveler ECB-0203

Smoothly chamfering straight and curved edges

• Designed to chamfer stainless and mild steel
• Minimum chamfering plate thickness is 2 mm (Max. 0.5 mm Chamfer)
• Indexable inserts have four working edges for good economy
• An optional straight plate allows chamfering a straight edge shoulder

Video demo :-




For more details please contact

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Electric Needle Scaler EJC-32A, NITTO KOHKI

  • Operated with standard electric supply to households.
  • Special long and slim barrel design suitable for narrow corners.
  • Double-insulated motor does not need grounding.
  • Free subhandle position best for to your working situation.


Stroke Speed (rpm): 3.000 min-1
Needles to be used: 2 OD x 180 (32pcs.)
or 3 OD x 180 (15 pcs.)
Voltage: 110 V AC 60Hz / 220 V AC 50Hz
Mass (Weight): 4.5 kg
Standard Accessories:
  • Needle 3 mm OD x 180 mm: 30 pcs. (15 pcs.)
  • 6 mm Hex. Socket Skrew Key: 1 pc.

Video demo :-


Needle Scalar.JPG

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Hydraulic Punching Machine – Setup

We, at Mahendra Tools, always strive to give the best advice as possible to our clients, based on our decades of experience.

However sometimes the other way happens. The clients show amazing creativity and ingenuity and we are bowled over at the output.  Here is one such case where the client has built a fantastic contraption to carry the Hydraulic Punching Machine – NITTO KOHKI HA11-1624.

Here are some of the images :-

Puncher NITTO KOHKINITTO KOHKI Hydraulic Puncher

For more details about the NITTO KOHKI Portable Hydraulic Puncher, please click here

And of course, you can always contact us on

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