Why Use a Mag Drill?

Magnetic Drilling Machine NITTO KOHKI Auto-Feed

What is a Mag Drill?

A magnetic drill, mag drill for short, is a drill used to cut metal. Magnetic drills are made up from 4 key components: a magnetic base, a drill stand, a motor, and an arbor or chuck.

The convenience of a magnetic drill can’t be overstated.

Like the benchtop drill press or standing drill press, you need a magnetic drill press in hard to access locations, like I-beams, truck beds, vertical metal parts that are stationary and so forth. The magnetic base adheres to the metal surface and stabilizes the drill in order to cut the material. You won’t be able to achieve the same results with a non-magnetic drill press – don’t even try.

Why use a Magnetic Drill Press?

  • By using a magnetic drill, you’ll gain the precision and speed for drilling in tough materials when you need to drill with accuracy and consistency.
  • Magnetic drills have strong electromagnetic base enabling it to adhere to a carbon steel (ferrous metal) surface while turned on.
  • Magnetic drills can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically or overhead which is especially useful in construction.
  • Be sure to secure your mag drill to the surface being drilled into, especially when overhead, to avoid drops from heights or onto your head.

The Origins of the Magnetic Drill Press

“Magnetic drills were initially designed for construction companies to drill a large quantity of holes in structural steel already in place, such as i-beams. They offer increased stability and are easier to use than a hand held drill and also provide better accuracy and cut large diameter holes faster. They do the job much faster than the traditional Twist Drill cutting Machine.

NITTO KOHKI Japan has been the pioneer of Magnetic Drilling Machines.

NITTO KOHKI Magnetic Drilling Machine. Mahendra Tools

How to use a Magnetic Drill Press

  • The material base to be used must be ferrous metal for the electromagnet to work
  • The steel has to be flat and reasonably clean or the magnet won’t hold onto the surface.
  • Make sure the bottom of the drill is also free from debris.
  • Use a SAFETY chain to secure the drill press because once the power goes out, the tool will let loose of the steel and drop if overhead.

Here is a video which shows the Auto-Feed WA-5000 machine in operation :-

What are the types are of Magnetic Drill Machines?

There are basically two types of Drill Machines – Manual Feed and Auto-Feed. The difference between the two is explained in more in this blog – Auto-Feed vs Manual Feed.

Further Details :-

Please feel free to contact us for any further information needed. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mahendra Tools and Machines (I) Pvt. Ltd. are authorised distributors for NITTO KOHKI Japan, for the past 22 years in India. NITTO products are known for its performance and durability and we hope that it will do wonders for you as well. A few of our products are on display here. For more information please visit our website www.mahendratools.com or contact +91 9930780585. Email: mahendra@mahendratools.com

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