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NITTO KOHKI Hydraulic Puncher – 18mm hole

NITTO KOHKI Portable Hydraulic Puncher HS11-1624 is being used by a major PEB company to quicky and efficiently make 18mm holes in Mild Steel

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Size does matter – Cordless Magnetic Drilling Machine

Nitto Kohki CLA-2720 Cordless Atra Ace – Size does matter!! Nitto Kohki have expanded their ‘ATRA ACE’ range of magnetic base drilling machines with the release of their revolutionary CLA-2720 Cordless ‘Atra Ace’.     Showcased recently, interest in the

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Automatic vs Manual Portable Drilling Machine – NITTO KOHKI

Magnetic Drilling Machine NITTO KOHKI Auto-Feed

Auto-Feed drilling machines are more cost-effective and reduces ‘Cost per hole’ than Manual Feed drilling Machines

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Light Weight Compact Magnetic Drilling Machine – NITTO KOHKI

NITTO LO 3550 weights only 8.7kgs and is extremely compact making it suitable for use where space is a constraint. Here is the video demo which shows this fantastic machine in operation.   For more details please feel free to

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Welding Splatter remover – NITTO Air Chipper

The AIR CHIPPER are compact, lightweight and economical tools to have on hand for all kinds of chipping work.   Easy chisel replacement is made to excellent operation. The straight design is  suitable for operation at narrow and deep places. In

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