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Best Pneumatic Grinder – NITTO KOHKI MG-40

NITTO KOHKI Pneumatic Grinder MG-40, 4 inch

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The best rust and scales remover

NITTO KOHKI Jet Chisel JT-16 is the best product for removing weld spatter, paint, rust and other debris from most surfaces

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Weld Flux remover | NITTO KOHKI Chipping Hammer CH-24

NITTO KOHKI Japan make Pneumatic Chipper CH-24 is the perfect tool to remove welding splatter quickly and easily. Here we have a client using the chipper CH-24 to effortlessly remove the welding splatter. It does the job quickly as well

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NITTO KOHKI Pneumatic Belt Sander Belton CL Type

Ideal for sanding and grinding in narrow spaces, recessed areas and on curved surfaces.

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